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Yoann Bourgeois Art Company

Day and place:

Saturday / June 10 / All day

Meritxell Avenue – Riberaygua Avenue intersection (Andorra Letters)

Free show


Saturday 10 June will be the day of dance in our Festival. Two proposals will bring to Andorra two of today’s most interesting companies. The first of these is Opening, the dance solo by Yoann Bourgeois’ company, which has become a reference since going viral on social networks. A staircase and a trampoline lead us to discuss the sentiments suffered by contemporary human beings. A journey through the senses in an innovative proposal that can be seen at the intersection of Avenida Meritxell and Avenida Riberaygua in five different performances. A way of bringing dance and our festival to all and sundry.


Yoann Bourgeois

Yoann Bourgeois is an internationally recognized artist who has always been committed to decompartmentalizing artistic approaches and spaces.  

His singular research is embodied in physical devices amplifying phenomena that allow him to invest extraordinarily varied spaces and to propose infinite variations.This constellation is a search for life, a permanent process of creation that he calls: The unreachable suspension point.  

He created his company in 2010 after having performed with renowned choreographers. Director of the CCN2 of Grenoble from 2016 to 2022, he became the first circus artist to direct a national institution dedicated to choreographic art.

Today, he continues his artistic development through creations, collaborations and workshops around the world.

Committed to a living, radically multidisciplinary and innovative art, he envisions artistic creation around a “situated art”: an art attentive to its environment, its energy and its specificities.

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